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Raoul de Coucy, Sire de Coucy et Marle

Raoul de Coucy, Sire de Coucy et Marle

Male 1134 - 1191  (57 years)

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  • Name Raoul de Coucy 
    Suffix Sire de Coucy et Marle 
    Born 1134 
    Gender Male 
    History Raoul de Coucy (after 1142 - 1191 ) 1 , sire de Coucy , lord of Marle , La Fère , Crécy (sur-Serre), Vervins , Pinon , Landouzy (la-Ville), Fontaine (lès-Vervins). He left for the Holy Land where he perished at the siege of Saint-Jean-d\'Acre (called Ptolèmaïs during Antiquity ), in November 1191 .
    Genealogy [ edit | change the code ]
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    His great-grandfather Enguerrand de Boves count of Amiens , lord of Boves , Fère and Marle , became owner around 1085 Castle Coucy which he became viscount or squire, and gave the name to his descendants .

    The house of Boves had its origin of Dreux or Drogon , lord of Boves. The latter, presumably father of Enguerrand de Boves, became famous under the reigns of kings Robert II and Henry I.

    Raoul is the grandson of Thomas de Marle († 1130 ), son of Enguerrand de Boves and Ade de Marle, lord of Boves, Marle, Fère and count of Amiens. He died in Laon in 1130 .

    His father, Enguerrand II of Coucy († before 1147 ), son of Thomas de Marle, married in 1132 Agnès de Beaugency , cousin of King Louis VII of France , and daughter of Mahaut or Mathilde de Vermandois, herself daughter of Hugues I of Vermandois , brother of King Philippe I of France . Having crossed, as well as his brother-in-law, Évrard de Breteuil, he accompanied King Louis the Younger to the second crusade .

    Raoul I de Coucy married:

    firstly with Agnès de Hainaut († between 1168 and 1173), known as La Boiteuse , daughter of Count Baldwin IV of Hainaut († 1171) and aunt of Isabelle de Hainaut , first wife of Philippe Auguste . He had children:
    Yolande de Coucy (circa 1161 - † 18 March 1222 ), married in 1184 to Robert II of Dreux , (v. 1154 - † 28 December 1218 ), brother of Alix II of Dreux below ( 1156 - † ap. 1217 ),
    Isabeau, first married to Raoul , count of Roucy , and in second marriage to Henri III († 1211 ), count de Grandpré ,
    Ade, married to Thierry, lord of Beure (Diederich III van Beveren);
    second marriage with Alix II of Dreux († 1217), daughter of Robert I of Dreux , brother of King Louis VII of France , and Agnès de Baudement († 1210). He had children:
    Enguerrand III de Coucy , ( 1182 - † 1243 ), says the Builder or the Great ,
    Thomas de Coucy-Vervins († 1252/1253 ), was the author of the Coucy-Vervins branch. He married Mahaut de Rethel († AD 1255 ), daughter of Hugh II of Rethel († v. 1227 ), Count of Rethel and Felicite de Broyes († 1257 ), Lady of Beaufort,
    Raoul, bishop of Noyon,
    Robert de Pinon, ( 1185 - † after 1234 ), lord of Pinon , who married Elizabeth (v. 1205 - † 1219 ), viscountess of Mareuil , daughter of Robert de Pierrepont and Eustachie de Roucy ( 1170 - † 1221 ) ,
    Agnès de Coucy († 1214 or later), married to Gilles de Beaumetz, lord of Bapaume . She married in second marriage Robert de Wavrin 2 , lord of Lillers and seneschal of Flanders.
    History change the code ]
    Raoul de Coucy, seeing himself widowed, and desirous of a male child, resumed a second alliance with Alix II de Dreux , princess of royal blood, who was his relative in the fourth degree because the mother of Raoul, Agnès de Beaugency, was the daughter Mahaut (or Maud or Mathilde) of Vermandois, eldest daughter of Hugues de France known as the Grand , brother of King Philippe I. Alix II de Dreux was the daughter of Robert I of Dreux , Count of Dreux , grandson of King Philippe I , and niece of King Louis VII the Younger . Alix II of Dreux had for mother Agnès de Baudement , countess of Braine, third wife of her father Robert I of Dreux , and for brother Robert II the Young († 28 December 1218 ), count of Dreux and Braine, who was married with Yolande de Coucy, eldest daughter of our Raoul and Agnès de Hainaut his first wife. By his two marriages, Raoul became the father-in-law of a great prince, son-in-law of a son of France, and first cousin by his wife of King Philip Augustus . Raoul assisted the king of France in 1181 during the war against Philippe d\'Alsace , count of Flanders , although before he had taken from him in homage the lands of Marle and Vervins, in the stronghold of Ferté-Beliard, that the count transported him. But by the treaty of peace granted since the king wished that this count gave him this homage. And besides, the same Raoul became a man of the king for the fief of the seigniory of La Fere, which he had held until then of the Church of Laon. For Roger de Rosoy, bishop of Laon , ceded it to King Philip Augustus , by letter to Paris in 1185 , in the presence of Baudouin V de Hainaut , Count of Hainaut , Enguerrand, Archdeacon of Laon, Jean de Fontenay, Girard Chotard, and Geoffrey, chaplain to the king.

    However, the marriage of Princess Alix II de Dreux and that Raoul, lord of Coucy, came several children. By whose consent, and their mother, he granted to the abbey of Notre-Dame de Mont-Saint-Martin, ( Gouy (Aisne) ) of the diocese of Cambrai , the exemption of the right of vinage for eight wagons of wine every years, by letters sent to Coucy in 1187 . And then he gagged half of his Crecy carriageway to make and maintain to Robert of Acre: provided that with each cart and cart closed, he receives a denier of such money that he was paid for the wine, and unreinforced a denier of the common currency that was current in the Earth. What did the same Alix, his wife, in the presence of Raoul, clerk his nephew, Marguerite, his niece wife of Jobert, lord of the Ferté-Bélard, Raoul de Houssel, Albéric de Boomont, Arnoul de Monceaux, and others. Then in 1188 , thanks to the will and wishes of the aforementioned Alix and his children, he admits to them religious of the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Thenailles eight muids of ripe wheat to the measure of Marle , which was given him by Robert, knight Lord of Emblaincourt. He gave them besides a land called the Haye of Blaincourt: to the charge that being mowed and cultivated; he and his successors would have half the fruit growing there. For thus the letters carry him, which Peter his Chancellor delivered to them in the year 1089. In short being, was the point of going to the journey of the Holy Land with King Philip Augustus , he confirmed and increased again with the consent of his wife the donations that her father Enguerrand II of Coucy had conceded to the abbey of Clairfontaines. Of which there were other letters seated at Vervins on May 25, 1190 .

    However before leaving, he made a division of his lands and lordships between the children born of him and this Alix II of Dreux , his second wife. Here is his testament 3 whose original is in Latin:

    \"I, Raoul, Lord de Coucy, want it to be known by all, present and future, that, being ready to leave for Jerusalem, and fearing that there will arise some difficulties between my children, about the From each of them, I disposed of my property, as I thought fit, and after taking the advice of people of probity attached to me. I therefore gave to Enguerrand , my eldest son, all my lands and seigniories, to be by him possessed peacefully, and without any claim whatsoever, except the dismemberments which have been made in favor of my other children, and which are such.

    I want Thomas , my son, to have free and quiet possession, and without being disturbed by anyone, Vervins, Fontaine, and Landouzy; and that he withdraws annually from the verminous rights of Vervins and Landouzy sixty livres in money, such as is employed in the said wine, and in his possessions, he will be a brother-man of his brother Enguerrand . I have assigned to Raoul, who has a clerical title, forty livres a year, to take on my revenues from Roye, and that, all the time of his life. As for Robert, he will have for his part all the property which was brought to me by his mother, and my estate of Pinon, with the entire royalty of a certain wood, which is called the passage of Pinon; and he will hold all these goods to the charge of full homage to his brother Enguerrand ; and if it happens that said brother Enguerrand comes to die without heir, his share will return to Thomas his brother; and if, on the contrary, one of the said children, whoever he may be, dies without leaving an heir, his share will return entirely to the eldest. As for my daughter Agnès , I give her one thousand and six hundred livres, the currency of Artois, to take on the revenues of Marle and Crecy; which sum it will make the space of eight years to receive, starting only three years after my departure. Thus, on St. Remi\'s day each year, she will receive a hundred livres at Marle, and the remaining hundred pounds at Crecy; and the Prémontré church will be charged with the care of making him receive his revenues. And if it happens that, during my overseas trip, I come to die, if the same Agnès , my daughter, ceases to live before being married, all that will remain of oomptant money will be shared in two halves, one of which will be given to Alix, his mother, who is my wife, and the other will be bequeathed in alms to the Hospitallers, the Templars and the church of Prémontré, to be shared equally.

    And finally, if it happens to Alix, my wife and myself, to die, half of the sum will pass to the eldest son, and the other will have the first destination. I hear that my possessions, as well as the rights of Alix my wife, were in no way stricken, wanting that my arrangements, even ape of me, doing all the time I will live dependent on my will; Now, in order that this act of partition of my property be authentic and irrevocable (unless I have gone so far as to change something about it), I wanted it to be written, and sealed with my seal. Done the year of the incarnation of JC 1190. \"
    For he was slain at the siege of the city of Acre in the year one thousand one hundred and ninety-one, and his body brought to the abbey of Foigny in Thiérache. After which, Alix, his widow, sent the commune of Marle to the aid of Robert, lord of Pierrepont , in the war that he had in the year one thousand one hundred and ninety-five in the diocese of Laon against Nicolas, Lord of Rumigny. And in the year one thousand two hundred and seven she approved of all the alms which the same Raoul, her husband, had granted over his dower to the Premonstratensian Church. In short, she was still living in the year one thousand two hundred and twelve, as an agreement signed between Thomas and Robert her children, which she attended.

    Extract of Genealogical History of the houses of Guines, Ardres, Ghent and Coucy - Paris 1631 - BNF

    Legend [ edit | change the code ]
    It is said that before giving up the last breath, Raoul charged his squire to carry, after his death, his heart to the lady he loved (whom some call the Lady of Fayel , the others Gabrielle de Vergy. was surprised by the husband at the moment when he was fulfilling his mission, who took the heart and fed it to his wife, who, having learned too late from her misfortune, swore not to take any more food, and This adventure provided Pierre Laurent de Belloy with the subject of his tragedy Gabrielle de Vergy .

    Georges-Adrien Crapelet published the History of Coucy and the lady of Fayel , according to a manuscript of the National Library of France , Paris , 1829 .

    There are twenty-four songs of trouvère , works of Chastelain de Couci , dating from the twelfth century . There is also a 13th century manuscript, Romans du chatelain de Couci and the lady of Fayel , which contains six of these songs, and a chronicle of the fourteenth century , both reporting the tragic loves of Renaud (Regnaut) of Coucy. These documents were published in 1830 by Francisque Michel 4 . Legend has it that it\'s the same character, Raoul de Coucy. But the Raoul de Coucy of this legend is probably neither Raoul er (died in 1191), nor Raoul II de Coucy (died in 1250), it would be perhaps Raoul, son of Enguerrand de Coucy, the brother of Raoul I de Coucy and therefore a nephew of Raoul I.  [1
    Died Nov 1191  Acre Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Father Enguerrand II de Coucy, Sire de Coucy et Marle,   b. Abt 1110,   d. Abt 1147, near Laodicea in Asia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 37 years) 
    Relationship putative 
    Mother Agnes de Beaugency,   b. Abt 1108 
    Relationship putative 
    Married 1132 
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    Family Agnes de Hainault,   d. Bef 1174 
    Married Bef 1168 
    +1. Yolande de Coucy,   d. 18 Mar 1222
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    Died at the siege of Acre

  • Sources 
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