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Baudouin II, du Bourg, King of Jerusalem 1118-1131

Baudouin II, du Bourg, King of Jerusalem 1118-1131

Male 1058 - 1131  (73 years)

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  • Name Baudouin II  
    Suffix du Bourg, King of Jerusalem 1118-1131 
    Born 1058 
    Gender Male 
    History Baldwin II, also known as Baldwin of Bourcq or Bourg (French: Baudouin; died 21 August 1131), was Count of Edessa from 1100 to 1118, and King of Jerusalem from 1118 until his death. He accompanied his cousins, Godfrey of Bouillon, and Baldwin of Boulogne, to the Holy Land during the First Crusade. He succeeded Baldwin of Boulogne in the County of Edessa when his cousin left the county for Jerusalem. He fell into captivity in the Battle of Harran in 1104. He was held first by Sökmen of Mardin, then by Jikirmish of Mosul, and finally by Jawali Saqawa. During his captivity, Tancred, the Crusader ruler of the Principality of Antioch, and Tancred\'s cousin, Richard of Salerno governed Edessa.

    Baldwin was ransomed by his cousin, Joscelin of Courtenay, Lord of Turbessel in the summer of 1108. Tancred tried to retain Edessa, but Bernard of Valence, the Latin Patriarch of Antioch, persuaded him to restore the country to Baldwin. Baldwin soon made an alliance with Jawali, but Tancred and his ally, Radwan of Aleppo, defeated them at Turbessel. Baldwin and Tancred were reconciled at an assembly of the crusader leaders near Tripoli in April 1109. Mawdud, the Atabeg of Mosul, and his successor, Aqsunqur al-Bursuqi, launched a series of campaigns against Edessa in the early 1110s, destroying the eastern regions of the country. Baldwin accused Joscelin of treason to seize the prosperous Turbessel from him in 1113 and captured the neighboring Armenian Lordships in 1116 and 1117.

    Baldwin of Boulogne, who had been crowned the first King of Jerusalem, died on 2 July 1118. He bequeathed Jerusalem on his brother, Eustace III of Boulogne, stipulating that the throne was to be offered to Baldwin if Eustace failed to come to the Holy Land. Arnulf of Chocques, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, and Joscelin of Courtenay, who held the largest fief in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, convinced their peers to elect Baldwin king. He took possession of most towns in the kingdom and gave Edessa to Joscelin. After the army of the Principality of Antioch was almost annihilated on 28 June 1119, Baldwin was elected Regent for the absent Bohemond II of Antioch. The frequent Seljuq invasions of Antioch forced him to spend most of his time in the principality, which caused discontent in Jerusalem. After Nur al-Daulak Balak captured him in April 1123, a group of noblemen offered the throne to Charles I, Count of Flanders, but Charles refused. During his absence, the Jerusalemite troops captured Tyre with the assistance of a Venetian fleet.  [1
    History Baudouin du Bourg was a younger son of Hugues I, count of Réthel and Mélisende de Monthléry. He accompanied his cousin Godfrey of Bouillon on the First Crusade and established himself in 1099 as count of Edessa. In 1101 he married Morfia of Melitene, daughter of Gabriel \'the Armenian\', lord of Melitene, and they had four daughters of whom three would have progeny.

    Baudouin took to wearing an Eastern kaftan and dined squatting on a carpet. The Franks employed Syrian doctors, cooks, servants, artisans and labourers. They clothed themselves in eastern garments, included in their diets the fruits and dishes of the country. They had glass in their windows, mosaics on their floors, fountains in the courtyards of their houses, which were planned on the Syrian model. They had dancing girls at their entertainments; professional mourners at their funerals; took baths; used soap; and ate sugar.

    In 1118 Baudouin succeeded his cousin Baudouin I as king of Jerusalem. However in 1123 he was captured and imprisoned until 1124. In February 1130 Boemund II, prince of Antioch, husband of Baudouin\'s second daughter Alix de Réthel, was killed in battle. It had been intended that Baudouin act as regent in Antioch for his granddaughter Constance but his daughter Alix, Constance\'s mother, closed the gates of Antioch against him and tried to obtain the support of Zengi, the Saracen governor of Aleppo. Baudouin intercepted the messenger and had him hanged. The French barons in Antioch opened the gates and Baudouin was able to enter the city. Though he reconciled with his daughter he banished her to Latakia.

    Baudouin returned to Jerusalem a sick man; he was admitted as a canon of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and in August 1131 he died wearing the habit of a monk.  [2
    Died 21 Aug 1131 
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    Father Hugues I, Comte de Rethel,   d. Abt 1118 
    Relationship putative 
    Mother Melisende, de Monthlery 
    Relationship putative 
    Family ID F1278  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Morfia, de Melitene,   b. Abt 1085,   d. Abt 1 Oct 1126  (Age ~ 41 years) 
    Married 1101 
    +1. Alix (Alice), de Jerusalem, Regent of Antioch, Lady of Lattakie and Jabala,   b. Abt 1110,   d. Aft 1136  (Age ~ 27 years)
    Last Modified 5 Mar 2018 
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    Baudouin II, King of Jerusalem 1118-1131
    Baudouin II, King of Jerusalem 1118-1131

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